Beşli Lojistik, we would like to share with you the policies we have set in order to provide the best service to our customers and to conduct our business in an ethical and reputable manner. Below you can find our policies detailing our commitments and values:

Privacy Policy: Customer privacy and data security is our top priority. We use the personal and business information we collect from you only for service delivery purposes. We never share this information with third parties and protect it with advanced security measures.

Environmental Policy: Our goal is to adopt an environmentally friendly approach and leave a better world for future generations. While optimizing our logistics operations with environmentally friendly methods, we take steps to save energy and reduce waste.

Social Responsibility Policy: We support various projects and participate in volunteering activities to contribute to society and spread awareness of social responsibility. We show sensitivity to the needs of local communities and support them through social projects.

Ethical Principles: Conducting our business with honesty, transparency and fairness is the basis of our ethical principles. We treat our customers and suppliers fairly and conduct business in a competitive and respectful environment. We absolutely do not tolerate inappropriate behavior such as corruption and unfair competition.

Customer Satisfaction Policy: Customer satisfaction is at the center of our business. We continuously improve ourselves to provide the best service to our valued customers and take your feedback into consideration. We aim to gain your trust by providing fast and effective solutions to your problems.

Quality Policy: Providing high quality service is the focus of our quality policy. We increase the efficiency of our operations through continuous improvement processes and quality controls. We ensure quality by offering solutions in accordance with customer demands and industry standards.

Security Policy: The safety of our personnel and customers is our top priority. We take all necessary measures to provide safe working environments and to ensure the security of products and information.

As we continue to provide quality service to our valued customers, we never forget the direction our commitments and policies give us. Feel free to contact us for more information or questions. Thank you!