Air Transportation

We know the importance of just-in-time shipment in terms of business efficiency and prestige of our valued customers, and we show our expertise in air transportation. Through our extensive agency network, we easily transport all your cargoes to important commercial points around the world by air.

We transport all your cargoes from airport to airport or door to door at the most economical and competitive prices, without any sorting in product, sector and capacity, and we determine our freight rates in line with your needs.

Sea Freight Transportation

We provide services to all countries of the world in sea freight transportation. We provide services from all ports of Turkey to all parts of the world and from all parts of the world to all ports of Turkey.

We provide regular partial container services every week from Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin ports in order to maintain the high potential and intensity of our full container shipments in partial loads and to fulfill the demands of our customers in this direction fully and completely.

We provide regular door-to-door service by fulfilling all applications (transshipment, storage, door delivery inland transportation, customs clearance and warehouse services) at the place of delivery and loading with our widespread agency network around the world. The services we offer by sea transportation are as follows.