Storage Service

Bonded and Unbonded Warehouse Services in Turkey and Europe

Istanbul Muratbey (European side) and Sancaktepe (Anatolian side) with Serbnak Antrepo A.S. in a joint 6000m2 closed logistics center; customs bonded and duty-free general cargo commodity, flammable - explosive and cold storage warehouses under the same roof under the same roof provides storage activities to customers in Turkey. The bonded warehouse in Istanbul Çatalca/Muratbey (Muratbey Customs Directorate) has 4200 m2 bonded closed area, 1800 m2 free warehouse, 500 m2 open shed area where customs clearance can be obtained and 5500 m2 truck parking area on a total area of 12000 m2. In Germany D-94 (Neuhaus am Inn) + D-89 (Ulm) + D-68 (Mannheim) + D-63 (Hanau) + D41 (Neuss) regions, in Netherlands Nl -59 (Venlo) + Nl 48 (Breda) regions, in Belgium BE-77 (Mouscron), in France F-95 (Paris) F-59, (Lille), F-67 (Strasbourg) regions, 500-1000 m2 logistics bases operate as collection centers.